Thank you so much for your very kind interest in The Ladybird Foundation.

2016 has been an eventful year that has seen The Ladybird Foundation embark on its initial fundraising project for the ROLLIS breast cancer clinical trial, whilst working at raising our profile in the wider Western Australian community and increasing awareness of the importance of support for breast and gynaecologic cancer research in WA.


We have recently successfully completed our 2016 Audit and were extremely fortunate that this was undertaken as a pro bono service by Greenwich & Co.


Two new Directors have recently joined the Board of The Ladybird Foundation Limited, adding value to our skillset and governance experience.


At the start of 2016, one of our hardest-working volunteers, Cath, successfully undertook a personal challenge to raise $20,000 in her “Ride for ROLLIS” during the year, via the Everyday Hero peer-to-peer online fundraising platform which has proven to be a very useful tool for a tiny volunteer organisation like The Ladybird with limited personnel and resources.


Other people have undertaken personal fundraising via Everyday Hero through organised events or personal challenges in 2016, including HBF Run for a Reason, City to Surf and Tour de Gracetown. Vanessa completed her first marathon in the City to Surf and then went on to participate in the Tour de Gracetown!

Renu’s Morning Tea in July was another very successful personal fundraising challenge undertaken using the Everyday Hero Supporter Page platform that raised $7,000. Guests contributed to this well-organised and delicious occasion by contributing food plus numerous items for a raffle and silent auction. It was also the first time I had been invited to speak in public about The Ladybird Foundation. This kind audience gave me the confidence to subsequently speak to other groups with more assurance about the work of The Ladybird Foundation and the importance of supporting breast and gynaecologic cancer research in WA.

I am developing quite a collection of presentations of different lengths and styles for various occasions!

Speaking opportunities that have followed include Rotary Clubs (in a combined presentation with ROLLIS trial co-lead Dr Anita Bourke), a Notre Dame University PR Writing Course class, an AMA Breast Cancer education seminar, Tour de Gracetown bike ride, and the Bunbury Breast Cancer Multidisciplinary Team Meeting.


Another member of our Ladybird Foundation “family” recently completed a Kokoda Trek personal challenge using this effort to raise $12,000 for The Ladybird Foundation through a supporter page at Everyday Hero. Others have made direct donations including some in lieu of gifts. Looking ahead, we have a supporter who has registered for the Solo category in the 2017 Rottnest Channel Swim and will use this event as a fundraising opportunity through Everyday Hero.


The Ladybird Foundation has recently been the subject of a Notre Dame University Public Relations Writing course assignment in which every student came up with a completely different idea for a fundraising campaign, resulting in some potentially useful marketing material for us.


The 2017 Tour de Gracetown South West community social charity bike ride will once again benefit The Ladybird Foundation in 2017, following the success of the recent November 2016 event that raised close to $20,000. We were very fortunate to have the assistance of several volunteers in carrying out our duties in the catering area on the day!


Other supporters have kindly agreed to display our brochures and A4 posters in various locations to help The Ladybird Foundation become more widely known in the WA community. Women’s & Breast Imaging in Cottesloe was the original driver for this with BreastScreen WA metro and mobile rural locations to follow.



It is now exactly one year since The Ladybird Foundation was approached by Professor Christobel Saunders on behalf of the ROLLIS Trial team with a request to assist in funding completion of this very large important breast cancer clinical trial currently underway in Western Australia. The target fundraising amount at that time was $200,000. Thanks to the efforts of our donors and fundraisers, The Ladybird Foundation has so far granted $65,000 to the ROLLIS Project in 2016. We have also been able to provide further assistance for the trial through our advocacy in some areas. The Medical Research Foundation of RPH has provided some further funding for the trial recently so the current target fundraising amount is $100,000, based on the latest budget figures. Most of this amount will pay the salary of the essential support staff role of Clinical Trial Coordinator with a smaller component for equipment, IT services and incidentals. The clinician researchers themselves do not receive any payment for their roles in the trial.


Every single donation amount has made a real difference to our efforts in support of the ROLLIS Project.

The entire ROLLIS team is very appreciative of our support and we are optimistic that the continued efforts of The Ladybird Foundation in 2017 will help ensure completion of the trial in mid-2018.


As you know, The Ladybird Foundation consists entirely of a small group of volunteers with limited resources. One of our greatest challenges is to raise awareness of our existence in Western Australia so please help us to spread the word. We hope we will gradually be able to access the assistance of more people who can provide practical support in areas where we currently lack skills and time. If you are interested in donating your time, skills or services, we would love to hear from you!  You can contact us through our website at or email us at


Please accept my best wishes for a very happy, safe and peaceful time over the holiday season and throughout the New Year. Thank you again for your interest and please feel welcome to continue to ask any questions about The Ladybird Foundation.



Dr Pamela Hendry
The Ladybird Foundation