In Western Australia at present, 1800 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and 490 women are diagnosed with a gynaecologic cancer annually. Currently, 270 women lose their lives to breast cancer and 165 to gynaecologic cancer in Western Australia each year.


The Ladybird Foundation supports breast and gynaecologic cancer research in Western Australia. Our aim is to improve the lives of those diagnosed with breast and gynaecologic cancers through funding excellent research. By supporting excellent local researchers we can improve our community’s access to the potential benefits of the latest research breakthroughs.


The Ladybird Foundation was formed by a dedicated group of like-minded volunteers to raise money specifically for Western Australian health professionals committed to women’s cancer research. Founded in 2014, we recognised a need to “pave the way” to fund local researchers’ vital work in the fields of breast and gynaecologic cancers such as ovarian, uterine and cervical cancer.


Breast and gynaecologic cancers are a leading burden of disease for women, with many years of healthy life lost due to premature death or continuing disability due to their cancer diagnosis. This loss of quality of life has a significant and direct impact on families, friends and the wider Western Australian community. Many of us will know someone whose life has been touched by one of these diseases.


The Ladybird Foundation provides an opportunity for us to support the excellent, world-leading researchers in Western Australia who are striving to improve cancer outcomes, and to increase access to the benefits of cancer research for our community.